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#1: Re: If it Flys, Floats or Fucks -- Lease It! -- What kind of schmuck pays $5,500.00 for an hours se

Posted on 2008-03-12 22:13:03 by Reality

&quot;Deadrat&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:a&#64;" target="_blank">a&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
&gt; <a href="mailto:haber14&#64;" target="_blank">haber14&#64;</a> wrote in
&gt;&gt; On Mar 10, 7:30 pm, &quot;_ Prof. Jonez _&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:thep...&#64;" target="_blank">thep...&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt;&gt;&gt; Ted wrote:
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Schmuck Spitzer should plead insanity! By the way, remember when
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; asshole wanted drivers licenses for illegal aliens?
&gt;&gt;&gt; You prefer them to be driving without a license, or insurance, eh
&gt;&gt;&gt; moron?
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; ted
&gt;&gt;&gt; PS: Ask one of your divorced pals what his total $$ damage was, for
&gt;&gt;&gt; alimon
&gt;&gt; y,
&gt;&gt;&gt; child support, legal fees, property forfeited, etc.
&gt;&gt;&gt; Then divide that sum by the total hours he had sex with his ex-wife,
&gt;&gt;&gt; disca
&gt;&gt; rding
&gt;&gt;&gt; the crappy, unfulfilling encounters if you like. Now tell us what the
&gt;&gt;&gt; Tota
&gt;&gt; l Per
&gt;&gt;&gt; Hour
&gt;&gt;&gt; your divorced pal paid for sex from his ex-wife.
&gt;&gt;&gt; Makes $5k / hour seem like a bargain, don't it numbnuts ?
&gt;&gt; &quot;A good illegal alien is a dead illegal alien&quot;. Clear enough?
&gt;&gt; dennis
&gt; What's not clear is why you're so afraid. Perhaps you could explain that.

Cowardice, Ignorance and Bigotry are systemic afflictions of the lowlife
white-trash racist scumbags like him.

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