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#1: Re: Arizona budget banking on speeders

Posted on 2008-01-20 22:39:49 by morticide

Scheiskopf schreibt:
&gt; On Jan 19, 7:42 pm, Nate Nagel &lt;<a href="mailto:njna...&#64;" target="_blank">njna...&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt; &gt; Speeders &amp; Drunk Drivers are MURDERERS wrote:
&gt; &gt; &gt; On Jan 19, 10:35 am, Nate Nagel &lt;<a href="mailto:njna...&#64;" target="_blank">njna...&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;Speeders &amp; Drunk Drivers are MURDERERS wrote:
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;Ashton Crusher &lt;<a href="mailto:d...&#64;" target="_blank">d...&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;news:<a href="mailto:oab4p3d103e9dq29i2sjsakqnadn47uo6m&#64;" target="_blank">oab4p3d103e9dq29i2sjsakqnadn47uo6m&#64;</a>:
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Arizona budget banking on speeders By PAUL DAVENPORT, Associated Pre=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Writer
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Sat Jan 19, 6:57 AM ET
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;PHOENIX - Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano says the deployment of new
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;photo radar or other speed enforcement technology on state highways =
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;all about public safety. But her proposed state budget counts on the=

&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;anticipated speeding fines to help erase a projected revenue
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;shortfall.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;The proposal, submitted to the Legislature late Friday, anticipates
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;$120 million in revenue the first year, including $90 million in net=

&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;income after expenses from the statewide effort. Even bigger dollar
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;amounts are expected in future years.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;The state faces a projected revenue shortfall of at least $1.2 billi=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;in the fiscal year that starts July 1.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;While some states use photo radar and similar technology on a limite=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;basis in areas such as construction zones, experts said Arizona is i=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;the vanguard of moving toward a widespread deployment of speed
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;technology on highways.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&quot;It wasn't designated primarily for revenue generation but since we
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;have it (and) it works, we want to move statewide,&quot; Napolitano said.=

&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&quot;We made that decision before the whole budget issue arose. Now we
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;take advantage of it and use it for law enforcement highway safety
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;purposes.&quot;
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;The governor's budget aides said Friday they could not immediately
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;provide details on assumptions used to project the revenue estimate,=

&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;including the numbers of expected violations.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Napolitano's plan needs approval by the Republican-led Legislature,
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;and one key lawmaker expressed immediate opposition.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&quot;I don't know whether Arizonans want to be policed by cameras,&quot; said=

&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Senate Transportation Chairman Ron Gould, adding that he plans
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;legislation to require that voters decide the issue. &quot;It smacks of B=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Brother to me.&quot;
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Proposals calling for even limited use of cameras have run into
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;opposition in some states.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Maryland's transportation secretary on Tuesday told lawmakers that
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;cameras in highway work zones would improve worker safety and reduce=

&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;accidents, but lawmakers raised concerns on privacy, effectiveness a=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;motive.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;Arizona Automobile Association spokeswoman Linda Gorman said the
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;750,000-member group representing drivers supports photo radar as a
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;way to improve traffic safety but not to help balance the state
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;budget.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;A year ago, Napolitano cited results from suburban Scottsdale's use =
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;fixed cameras on a stretch of state freeway when she directed the
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;state Department of Public Safety to begin researching the possible
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;use of new speed enforcement devices.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;An Arizona State University professor who studied the Scottsdale
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;project found that it reduced speeding and accident rates. That syst=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;uses sensors embedded in the freeway to trigger cameras that snap
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;photos of speeding vehicles. Motor vehicle records are checked to fi=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;the vehicles' owners, ultimately leading to citations for identified=

&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;drivers.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;OK with me. =A0Speeders are kid killers and kid kripplers and i wish =
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;increase the fines 10 fold!!! =A0Caught doing 50 in a 35 zone - cost =
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;$2,000. Don't like it? Then obey the law.
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;they have fines like that in VA now. =A0doesn't seem to make anyone sl=
&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;down any. =A0could it be that the speed limits are disconnected from r=
&gt; &gt; &gt; If the states really want to stop speeders, they should shame them
&gt; &gt; &gt; into slow driving. Put up billboards saying things like &quot;reckless
&gt; &gt; &gt; driving killed x,000 children last year and injured x00.000.
&gt; &gt; Please explain how driving 70 MPH in a reasonable car on a flat,
&gt; &gt; straight Interstate highway is &quot;reckless.&quot;
&gt; &gt; Many states not only do not consider it reckless, but consider it legal.=

&gt; &gt; In fact, I do not condone reckless driving in any way. =A0I simply just
&gt; &gt; wish that speed limits had some basis in reality.
&gt; Anything over 55 is reckless.

What have you been drinking? I'll be sure to warn Hector to avoid
that brand. Certainly you have forgotten the &quot;highway hypnosis&quot;
phenomonon during the Federal 55 time...when drivers were zoning out
doing 55 on the Interstates.

&gt; There's your reality. And the only
&gt; reason some states have speed limits of 70 or 75 is because the auto
&gt; industry pays them to do that. =A0Car crashes are big business

Big business only to body shops and tow trucks, not to the automakers
unles the vehicle is totaled.

OBTW: I see your &quot;over 55 is reckless&quot; and raise you a 41 in a 25.
Loco Laura Bush murdered her boyfriend (a.k.a. SADDAM) admits to
a deadly speeder, psychopath and criminal coddler:

&quot;&gt; Have you ever driven a car faster than the legal speed limit?
Yes, but never deliberately. In fact i got a speeding ticket about 5
years ago for doing 41 in a 25. I just about kicked the cops teeth
cause i was sure he was lying. No way the SL on this wide open
stretch could be 25, i thought.&quot;

Pride of America (c.k.a. Laura Bush murdered her boyfriend/
laura bush - VEHICULAR HOMICIDE/Speeders And Drunk Drivers
Are Murderers (SADDAM)), 10/3/2002
Message-ID: &lt;<a href="mailto:3c1753f7.0210030916.7b6f5dff&#64;" target="_blank">3c1753f7.0210030916.7b6f5dff&#64;</a>&gt;
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Proof that POA is LBMHB/lbVH/SADDAM:
See the following: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
And here's one of the aces in my hand.

&quot;Speed Limit: (n) The minimum speed by which ticket revenues may be
-- Devil's Missouri Road Dictionary at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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#2: Re: Arizona budget banking on speeders

Posted on 2008-01-22 02:15:30 by kwyjibo

MLOM wrote:
&gt;Big business only to body shops and tow trucks, not to the automakers
&gt;unles the vehicle is totaled.
&gt;OBTW: I see your &quot;over 55 is reckless&quot; and raise you a 41 in a 25.

I *really* hate to do this to you, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to
trump your hand with this quote from our resident fruitcake:

There's a 55mph freeway near where i live and if i do 50, everybody
passes me. But if i do 60 very few do.
: <a href=";" target="_blank"> 34f9a706f?hl=en&amp;</a>


Sarcasm is my sword
Apathy is my shield

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