Worldwide Highway Library in 2007 (EN/FR)

Worldwide Highway Library in 2007 (EN/FR)

am 21.12.2007 08:59:08 von Carl Rogers

Hi Viatologists, Salut Viatologues,

In 2006, the Worldwide Highway Library (WHL) was formed. She was born after
a steadfast consolidation between's most popular components:
"Pictures of Highway Shields" and "Videos of Worldwide Highways". This
year, the WHL grew tremendously with contributions from Guatemala, northern
Mexico, the southern United States, Japan's Pacific Coast and Xian, China.
Compiled below is a list of all regions served by the WHL:

La Worldwide Highway Library (WHL) était crée en 2006. Elle est née quand
les "Pictures of Highway Shields" et les "Videos of Worldwide Highways" sont
fusionnées. La WHL a ajouté en 2007 les contributions du Guatelmala, du
Méxique du nord, des États-Unis du sud, le Japon et Xian, China. Il y a une
liste des tous régions que vous pouvez voir à la WHL:

(1) (le) Canada:
--British Columbia:
--le Québec:
(2) China (People's Republic):

(3) China (Republic):
(4) Confoederatio Helvetica:

(5) Czech Republic:
(6) Deutschland:
(7) la France:
--Mont Blanc:
--Tresserve (Commune):
(8) Guatemala:
(9) Iceland:
(10) Ireland:
(11) מדינת ישראל (Israel):

(12) l'Italia:
--Monte Bianco:
(13) Japan (Nippon):
(14) Liechtenstein:
(15) Poland:
(16) México:
--Baja California:
(17) le Monaco:
(18) United Kingdom:
(19) United States:
--District of Columbia:
--New Hampshire:
--New Jersey:
--New Mexico (Nuevo México):

--New York:
--Rhode Island:
--Washington (State):
--West Virginia:

Happy Holidays,
Joyeuses fêtes.

"Adding human experience to transportology"
********, Worldwide Highway Library:

An integrated media arm in International Transportation Research. Has
served your home country and ninety-nine of its worldwide neighbours
since 2000, through Internet downstream and published works.