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#1: Re: GPS Help

Posted on 2006-07-19 15:30:43 by Prilosec

<a href="mailto:fredtrue&#64;" target="_blank">fredtrue&#64;</a> wrote:
&gt; GARMIN tends to be the market leader. - Buy the name, not OEM
&gt; overpriced variants from BMW or Harley.
&gt; Nothing with a hard drive
&gt; Having all of the US and Canada is nice, but not often necessary. You
&gt; can load many days riding into virtually every modern unit out there.
&gt; IT MUST BE WATERPROOF - Not all of them are.
&gt; BATTERY OPERATION IS NICE - in case you want to do some hiking or to
&gt; carry the unit on a bicycle, use it on a boat that isn't wired or
&gt; such.
&gt; I use a Garmin 276c with a 512 Meg data. You may want something
&gt; fancier or smaller.
Not sure who makes the Harley &quot;quest&quot; unit, but it looks like a re-branded
Garmin Quest. Garmin has a Quest and Quest II, both cheaper than the H-D
unit. Both are pretty waterproof and can mount on a handlebar or elsewhere.
I have had a Garmin marine unit for years. I think they are the best GPS
units made, and are pretty much the standard in aviation units. I hesitate
to get a PDA unit with Tom Tom because the PDA can't take any water at all,
has a small screen and limited battery life.

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