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#1: Re-intro and a question

Posted on 2006-07-23 17:15:17 by sprglde77

Hi all, I haven't been here in quite a while, been way too busy. I'd
like to buy a round and ask for a little help. After 30 years of ridin
my FXE and a few Bonnie's I finally got me an EVO. I know my new bike
is 14 years old but it's way new to me an she's a beauty, had only 20 k
on her when I got it. It's a 92 Classic (FLHTC) and I'm really enjoying
being able to do some long distance ridin (3-400 mi.) in a day (again)
and not needing a days rest, new kidneys an a couple fillings. Anyways,
this bike's got an electrical problem that's a little troublesome. The
starter doesn't work sometimes. Also when this occurs the controls for
the radio on the right side don't work either. I have to jump it
between the exciter and the hot lead to the starter motor, and it
starts just fine. I've had the fairing off several times and then
everything works. Now I wish the friggin thing would just stop workin
but it won't. So I put it back together and then it stops workin
again???? The stealership says for a thousand $ they'll put a new
starter and relay in even after I told them about the radio thing. A
friend of mine's got a 91 bagger that does the same thing. He put in a
400$ starter and relay and it still does the same thing??? I know this
cannot be limited to just our 2 bikes so I'm hoping someones got a hot
lead (pun intended) for me/us. We know it's a bad connection or ground
but where??? Like I said when I'm in there rootin around it starts
working and it 's all good and as ya'll know ya can't fix it if it's
working.... I can't even locate the grounds up there there's so much
wire in here. I'm hoping someone's fixed this problem before and can
point me in the right direction. I'll be sittin at the table over here
waitin. Thanks, Marley

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