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#1: A3 poly belt tensioner

Posted on 2006-07-21 23:30:12 by Anthony Brown

Hi there:

Anyone have any advice on replacing the poly-ribbed belt tensioner on an
A3 diesel (or anything else that has the self-tensioning alternator/AC
belt)? Bently seems to be silent on the matter. Mine's making a
rattling noise at idle. I replaced the idler/roller/pulley/whatever you
like to call it already, the bearing had a lot of slop in it, but it
didn't solve the problem. I noticed that when I put the wrench to the
tensioner arm to do this replacement, the spring or whatever is in the
tensioner itself was definitely not applying tension smoothly. It had a
"crunchy" feel to it.

I *looks* like I just need to remove two allen head bolts and it should
come right off, but I don't want any surprises like having the spring
unwind and fly off.....

Is it possible to lube up the spring inside or is a new one in order?


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