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#1: Re: VUE Green Line (was: load of crap)

Posted on 2006-07-20 18:49:40 by Sir Creep

Bl=E4Bl=E4 wrote:
> You know you can get the best frig'n Hybrid made on this planet and it
> wont save you a damn dime in the short or long run. That is the whole
> point of a hybrid aint it?

Well, on a completely SELFISH view of things, yes.
I suspect the hybrid (or alternative fuel cell) research was driven
more by the fact that fossil fuels are FINITE, and there are DEPENDANCY
and ENVIRONMENTAL concerns. In fact, I find it safer to presume that
one who purchases a hybrid is less concerned about their wallet as they
are about the environment and in long-term sustainability for their
children and children's children, but then you are called 'bla bla' for
a reason.

So no, to answer your qeustion, NO. Your premise is off base. No one
in their right mind is purchasing a hybrid Vue to 'save money'.

> does anyone want to pay a premium on a brand new car that will take
> 100,000 miles before it starts to turn a profit on that price
> difference?

My calculations show one would have to drive over 213,000 miles
(presuming a savings of about 19% on their fuel bill at current prices
of $3./gal.)...[ahhh, but what will gas cost in another year, or 3
years, or 5 years?]. You only save about $7.00/tank (of 12 gallons).
To recoup the $4500 price difference, you'd need to fill up 658 times
(times a presumed 324 miles/tank).

The almighty profit? No one has ever purchased a Saturn vehicle in
order to make a profit, numbnuts.

People aren't stupid. Only bean counters that have no concern for a
sustainable future and who purchase a green Vue 'for profit' are
stupid. To that end, we agree.

Sir Creep

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