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#1: Re: Redline Water Wetter? Pros & Cons

Posted on 2006-07-21 19:13:49 by TE Chea

| Redline Water Wetter
is very costly, find cheaper surfactant
I use *Carre4 's : made in msia, M$3.70 = US$1 per ½ litre, has no anti
freeze, works surprisingly > Redline's claim, but has no technical data
like Redline's.

| no definitive answers.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
* works like a dream ( &gt; Purple Ice / Redline's data indicate possible ),
I gave away 6 bottles already, my buddy wants 2 more. Engines with bad
cooling design ( e.g. Mitsubishi 4G15P ) will benefit most : torque can
rise by 10% !

| I would be using it with a 50/50 solution of water/antifreeze
why not use antifreeze.only in winter, w-o surfactant : drain out &amp; store
coolant til spring

| you don't need it.
Wrong, in a heatwave surfactant is vital, w-o it all rubber ( natural /
synthetic ) parts will age faster.

| you won't see the temp needle go down
Wrong, needle will drop, but cannot indicate the full extent of cooling
; thermistor will absorb heat from coolant faster than before so cannot
indicate cooler as thermistor should.

| because that's controlled by the thermostat
Wrong, thermostat will connect ( &amp; activate relay ) earlier ; will receive
heat fr coolant faster than before, unless covered by scale / rust.

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