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#1: 5 long weeks...

Posted on 2006-07-23 22:27:20 by Andy Smith

until my 2007 Mustang GT is delivered. This is gonna be worse than waiting
for Christmas. I've already been driving the wife crazy for months over this

My new pony:
2007 Mustang GT (Premium)
5 speed manual
Vista blue / dark charcoal leather interior
Interior Upgrade Package with the Charcoal Aluminum panel
Side Air Bags
Spoiler delete option (I have plans for an aftermarket ducktail spoiler)
Comfort Group (heated / dual power front seats, chromatic mirror) --> new
option for 2007
3.55 limited slip differential (now an option on 2007, manual transmission
Shaker 500 / 6 CD changer stereo (standard on premium GT)

The only bad news is giving up my 1993 GT that I've driven for nearly 14
years now, and 189,000 miles. I just don't have the space to keep it. My
wife's 1998 Contour SVT takes up the other garage space. Anyway, let the
countdown begin!


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