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#1: lotsa miles on a Marquis

Posted on 2006-07-22 14:37:25 by gpctc

a break from all the Ford-bashing in the media. Anyone visit online
CarConnection? Once a week they run a "ask the mechanic" spot. This
week, an owner reports that he's disappointed: he wanted to have
500,000 miles on his Grand Marquis by July 1st, but is driving less and
only made it to 487,000!

He stated that he changes oil/filter every 3000 miles, air filter every
4th oil change and spark plugs once a year. other than that he claims
zero repairs. he's been putting 55,000+ miles a year on it.

try that with your Saturn, Neon, Toyauto .....for that matter, your BMW
or Benz: yeah, you can make it to 500,000 miles, but you'll have spent
a hundred grand on maintenance!

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