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#1: Re: 98 Explorer Belt Tensioner Replacement

Posted on 2006-07-21 20:51:00 by jfornal

fordtech wrote:
> if it's not making any abnormal noise, it's ok and that goes for just about
> everything that's not a ware item, like hoses, brake shoes, belt, engine oil,
> tires etc
> Jacob wrote:
> >How would I know if I should replace the tensioner? I have a '95 XLT, and
> >it's running fine and has about 116,000 miles on it. I changed the
> >serpentine belt at about 80,000 miles. Do I need to change the tensioner?
> >Any suggesstions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> >
> >>I am thinking about replacing/checking by Tensioner because I am
> >> hearing a droning noise when the truck is idling. Seems to be more
> >[quoted text clipped - 9 lines]
> >> about as tight as it is now? Can I somehow test the tensioner after I
> >> remove it, perhaps seeing if it spins smoothly?

For me the indicator of when to replace my tensioner is when I watched
it bouncing on the highway behind me. Damn thing dropped right out as
I was on a big ol bridge. Limped the car into a parking lot and walked
5 miles in 100 degree heat to get a new one.

good times! =) It was a cheap part, if you have some reason to
suspect it at least buy it and keep it with you, save yourself the

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