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#1: Clutch Replacement Success Story

Posted on 2006-07-17 23:21:55 by Mark Barrett

I have a 95 Explorer with 245000 miles used manily by my
17 year son. Recently he decided to take it out off-roading
and completely burned out the clutch. I told him the only way
it was getting fixed is if we did all of the work ourselves.
It took many hours of work but we got it done and it has never
shifted better. The work involved removing the exhaust crossover,
starter, transfer case skid plate, drive shafts, transfer case,
and transmission. Once we had clutch access we saw there was
nothing left of the pads and my son got a lesson on what happens
when the clutch is abused. I got all of my parts from a local
transmission repair shop who also resurfaced the flywheel and
gave me lots of instructional pointers. It was a lot of work
but my son and I learned a lot and we are very happy with the
results. Now I'm ready to tackle the clutch on my 1969 Camaro.

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