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#1: Damper systems in GP4 (Don't work?)

Posted on 2006-07-23 22:10:03 by Anand Nene

Started off with following assumptions for the damper settings:

Increasing damper stiffness
- Better traction
- Poor response over the bumps

Softening damper stiffness
- Better front end grip

Assumption: Softer the better;

Increasing damper stiffness
- Reduced traction
- Very good high speed corner stability

Softening damper stiffness
- Better traction
- Very poor high speed corner stability

Assumption: Harder the better; (Ofcourse varies with circuit)

For bumpy surface, I selected Silverstone
For high speed cornering, I chose Spa

Test1 (Silverstone)
Min Front dampers
High to Max Rear dampers

Expected: Ideal or nearly perfect driving setup for Silverstone
Actual: As Expected

Test2 (Silverstone)
Max Front dampers
Min Rear dampers

Expected: Better turn in, but unstable over bumps.
Actual: Nope, car feels absolutely the same as Test 1

Test3 (Spa)
Min Front dampers
Min Rear dampers

Expected: Difficulty at high speed cornering
Actual: Nope, car feels absolutely OK!

I am not sure about Test 3 though as I setup more rear wing
to cut out the oversteer; Maybe that took care of the damper

Or maybe the car physics are not so sensitive to dampers?

Anyone able to simulate this? Geoff Crammond around this space? :)


"Your lungs hit the back of your rib-cage... a double left-hander
wrenching your neck off."

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