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#1: Re: Comparison between GTL & GTR

Posted on 2006-07-13 07:58:01 by Bob

RocketMan wrote:
> I understand both games are made by the same company. How do they compare?
> Just a brief comparo will be necessary. I am unable to source GTR here in
> NZ, but I'm interested in how they compare.
> Is/Was GTR just an 'upgrade' of the mod for F1 2002?
> Thanks.

The most striking difference iis the cars. GTR uses relatively recent
cars. They're fast, they handle well, and they're "edgy". Either
you're stuck to the track or you're spinning/off. The cars have many
setup adjustments possible. There is excellent telemetry. GTL uses
vintage cars. Slower all around, and they're soft and slide a lot.
Limited setup adjustments, no telemetry.

GTR is a substantial step above the earlier version. GTL is reputed to
be better online, but I don't know about that.

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