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#1: Re: Damp Carpet in 2006 Exedition

Posted on 2006-07-10 20:47:07 by hoghunte


C. E. White wrote:
&gt; &lt;<a href="mailto:hoghunte&#64;" target="_blank">hoghunte&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
&gt; news:<a href="mailto:1151981536.133856.85410&#64;" target="_blank">1151981536.133856.85410&#64;</a>
&gt; &gt; Anyone noticed the passenger side carpet getting damp from A/C
&gt; &gt; condensation? I know it is condensation because we have not had rain
&gt; &gt; in 12 weeks. When I pull the carpet back there are several teaspoon
&gt; &gt; sized water pockets along with damp carpet and insulation. Even the
&gt; &gt; insulation at the firewall is damp. The bottom of the air box sweats
&gt; &gt; but I have not noticed it dripping on the carpet when I put newspaper
&gt; &gt; down (i'm sure my wie would have complained of wet feet). I pulled the
&gt; &gt; carpet back and ran the a/c for an hour headed to work. I noticed when
&gt; &gt; I parked I did not get the condensation dripping on the ground as my
&gt; &gt; other cars do. Anyone know where the drain tube is? It might be plugged
&gt; &gt; and backing up into the car.
&gt; I am not sure where the drain line is on a 2006 Expedition. I suggest that
&gt; you look under the truck on the right side in the area of the firewall. It
&gt; has to be there. The drain line comes off the front right corner of the
&gt; evaporator case inside the vehicle. It has a 90 degree elbow and exits
&gt; through the firewall. It is possible the line is disconnected at the case or
&gt; at the firewall and that is the reason for the water in the vehicle (instead
&gt; of a plugged line). I've never had any problem with the drain in my 2003
&gt; Expedition. Since your truck is under warranty, it might be worth taking it
&gt; to the dealer in case the problem is a disconnected line. You may get a
&gt; better response if you join the Expedition owner's Mailing List and ask your
&gt; question to that group. See <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
&gt; .
&gt; Regards,
&gt; Ed White

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