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#1: Paging Daniel Stern - re: amber turn signals

Posted on 2005-07-13 00:25:12 by y_p_w

Just curious about something.

I've been trying to find a set of replacment amber 7440 bulbs for the
front and rear turn signals on my 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX. I don't
need them right now, but I keep several spare bulbs in a kit in my
trunk. Can't seem to find the amber ones in the aftermarket. Thought
about the dealer, but that'll be a last resort. I've tried the usual
sources (AutoZone, WalMart, Kragen) and have only seen the clear 7440
from Sylvania (made in Japan). Is this bulb supposed to be that hard
to find?

Also curious about your opinion of those chrome colored turn-signal
bulbs that glow amber/red/etc. I don't particularly want them, but is
there anything inherently wrong about them?

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