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#1: Missouri researchers find to cause cancer in laboratory

Posted on 2008-03-14 03:44:06 by morticide

On Mar 13, 9:36=A0pm, Scott in SoCal &lt;<a href="mailto:scottenazt...&#64;" target="_blank">scottenazt...&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt; On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 12:48:08 -0500, Rich Piehl
&gt; &lt;<a href="mailto:rpiehl5REMOVETHIS...&#64;" target="_blank">rpiehl5REMOVETHIS...&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt; &gt;Scott in SoCal wrote:
&gt; &gt;&gt; On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 02:16:21 -0700 (PDT), Carl Rogers
&gt; &gt;&gt; &lt;<a href="mailto:carl-...&#64;" target="_blank">carl-...&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Shut the fuck up, Rich. =A0Save your ideology for someone who cares.
&gt; &gt;&gt; LOL!! You obviously care a great deal! :)
&gt; &gt;&lt;hee, hee&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Lightbulb! =A0Try creating something on MTR and not report news from
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; other sources because you lack the intellectual function to produce
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; something useful on your own.
&gt; &gt;&gt; Physician, heal thyself.
&gt; &gt;Speaking of intellectual function why is it, do you suppose, Carl
&gt; &gt;doesn't understand the concept of &quot;killfile?&quot; =A0
&gt; Oh, he understands it, he just won't ever DO it. That sicko attention
&gt; whore savors each and every word - positive or negative - =A0that is
&gt; said about him.

That and he likes the appearance of his frequent posts regardless of
significance regarding his -ahem- site.

&gt; &gt;Oh, and considering he said he was killfiling people when he was using
&gt; &gt;Google groups as a reader which has no killfile capability.
&gt; Yeah, that was some funny shit.
&gt; &gt;Continuing...why is it, do you suppose, Carl doesn't have =A0the
&gt; &gt;intellectual function to understand the concept of &quot;not a competition?&quot;
&gt; There's a psychology term that explains it quite succinctly: the term
&gt; is &quot;PROJECTION.&quot; He is attributing his own motives to everyone else.
&gt; He still doesn't realize that HE is the only one that is actually
&gt; trying to compete.
&gt; --
&gt; &quot;Dave's not here, man!&quot;
&gt; =A0 - Tommy Chong- Hide quoted text -
&gt; - Show quoted text -

His only real competition comes from his trained attack Chihuahua

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