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Posted on 2006-07-23 22:53:11 by Ivan.Reid

Just logged in to find:

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Now, who was suggesting I pay them money?


Ivan Reid, Electronic & Computer Engineering, ___ CMS Collaboration,
Brunel University. <a href="mailto:Ivan.Reid&#64;[" target="_blank">Ivan.Reid&#64;[</a>|] Room 40-1-B12, CERN
GSX600F, RG250WD &quot;You Porsche. Me pass!&quot; DoD #484 JKLO#003, 005
WP7# 3000 LC Unit #2368 (tinlc) UKMC#00009 BOTAFOT#16 UKRMMA#7 (Hon)
KotPT -- &quot;for stupidity above and beyond the call of duty&quot;.

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