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#1: rocker arm stud replacement

Posted on 2006-07-17 09:12:58 by zachula

the long version is on the type2 list.

I was replacing my pushrod tube seals. 75' 1700 that was rebuilt in 95
by the PO to 2.0L. EFI, I think everything is stock but my pushrods
are only 10.650" (272mm)(most of the ones I have seen online have been
11+ inches), solid lifters.

The short is that I need to replace one of the studs (don't ask...I
broke two rules; I was in a hurry, and I didn't finger tight them first
I ended up cross threading a nut and the only thing that really saved
me was that I was using my torquewrench set incorrectly to 18lbs and I
was going slow). I ended up removing the stud in order to get the
rocker arm back out.

I can't find any instructions on installing them. The head is still
okay, the threads are intact and seem to be in good shape. The harder
part is locating the part (locally in Seattle) before my trip on
tuesday :-(

Just looking for some tips for installing the stud.



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