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#1: rear gate hatch latch disengaged

Posted on 2006-07-20 21:55:54 by mzclassic

I have a 02' ford explorer sport and the other day I went to open the
rear door and it would not open as usual, then I felt that the grip
handle on the door latch had lost the tension that I was used to
feeling when opening it. I also notice where it has somewhat disengaged
on the right side but not the left side of the rear door. My "door
ajar" light stays on and I can not latch or unlatch that rear door. I'm
assuming that the cable connecting the latch has broken or come off. I
attempted to get to the area by removing the top half of the interior
molding to see down into the mechanism, but the housing for the latch
is such that you can't even get your hand in there, I can see where the
grip handle does not attach to a cable anymore and I can see a loose
cable, does anyone have any idea if this is something I can repair
myself or is it something that has to be serviced by a professional?
Keep in mind that I am speaking of the grip on the rear door hatch and
NOT the push button on the rear window release.

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