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#1: Re: Total failure in AC revival attempt

Posted on 2006-07-15 05:06:36 by Bob Shuman

The pressure should be equalized in the system when the compressor is not
engaged. I simply do not believe that you could have sufficient blockage to
have "zero pressure" on the high side. My guess here is that you have not
opened the high pressure valve on the "fancy gauge set" you purchased. The
trick here is that with most of these sets, those valves open when fully
turned to the clockwise position - this is contrary to most clockwise closed
valves. (Note that this fully extends the depressor onto the Schrader valve
on the quick disconnect.)

To add refrigerant, you need to then manually activate the compressor by
bypassing the pressure switch. I usually use a paper clip to accomplish
this if refrigerant is too low.

Good luck and hope this is your issue and you get the AC fixed. Let us


&quot;wavy&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:wavycaver&#64;" target="_blank">wavycaver&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
news:<a href="mailto:1151853115.472031.208040&#64;" target="_blank">1151853115.472031.208040&#64;</a>
&gt; &quot;Manually&quot; engaging the compressor might be a good idea. I'll have to
&gt; try that.
&gt; But I still am puzzled to how pressure applied to the low side did not
&gt; get around to the high side. (Yeah - I did have the high side of the
&gt; nice, new expensive dual guage 134a manifold testing unit attached the
&gt; whole time).
&gt; Just to make it clear to everyone, I didnt just rely on the cheapo
&gt; guage with the hose that came from Target with the $20 recharge kit.
&gt; But it seems to me that I only managed to pressurize a small part of
&gt; the system - that is - the low side _hose_ ONLY, since I reconnected
&gt; the blue, low side of the nice, new expensive dual guage 134a manifold
&gt; testing unit and it indicated less pressure than the little recharge
&gt; kit guage. (which has a rather long hose where some of that pressure
&gt; would be lost).
&gt; I'm thinking that the whole time I may have only pulled a vacuum on the
&gt; low side of the system - that there is a hideous amount of blockage in
&gt; the system....
&gt; -Thanks,
&gt; WaV
&gt; ======================== Worst President Ever =======================
&gt; Ritz wrote:
&gt;&gt; wavy wrote:
&gt;&gt; &gt; I dont know what the problem is.
&gt;&gt; &gt; I tried to inject an oil &amp; freon charge into the low pressure side.
&gt;&gt; &gt; The cheapo guage, trigger &amp; hose that came with a larger 18oz 134a
&gt;&gt; &gt; bottle that I bought at Target had a plastic reciever that wouldnt fit
&gt;&gt; &gt; onto the center nipple of the dual guage manifold set, so I connected
&gt;&gt; &gt; it directly to the low side and pulled the trigger.
&gt;&gt; &gt; A very little amount seems to have gone into the system.
&gt;&gt; &gt; The little 134a/PAG oil charge seems to have lost only a bit of its
&gt;&gt; &gt; content (wieghs almost as much as before) even though the dial showed
&gt;&gt; &gt; nearly 80psi.
&gt;&gt; &gt; I reconnected the low side connection to the manifold and it seems to
&gt;&gt; &gt; read about 45psi.
&gt;&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt; This was all done with the engine running and at no time did the
&gt;&gt; &gt; compressor engage. The high side guage did not budge off of ZERO.
&gt;&gt; &gt; (Darn my luck)
&gt;&gt; If the compressor isn't engaging, it's not surprising that you're not
&gt;&gt; able to charge the system. Have you checked the relevant fuses and the
&gt;&gt; fan relay for the cooling fan(s)? Have you tried manually engaging the
&gt;&gt; clutch to make sure the clutch is working?
&gt;&gt; Cheers,

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